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Private Estate Services

White-Glove Due Diligence

Exceptional private estate operations, physical asset management, and Principal safety regimens require the greatest professionalism, precision, execution, and resources. To complement these regimens, due diligence services must have the same qualities. Veraxis is pleased to partner with EstateSpace, whose leading-edge Software as a Service (SaaS) platform enables wealthy families, individuals, and asset management teams to deliver maximum performance from physical assets. Veraxis' services are consistent with the goals and high standards of EstateSpace's platform. Together, EstateSpace, Veraxis, and their strategic partners are poised to ensure the best possible outcomes for Principals and estate managers.

Veraxis provides private estate clients with high-end work products and bespoke services in the following areas:

  • Background Investigations for Private Estate Staff
  • Due Diligence on Third-Party Services Providers
  • Research for Potential Investments & Transactions, Etc.

The qualifications and integrity of private estate staff, services providers from many trades, investment managers, and other senior professionals are essential to core missions of estate operations, asset management, retention of wealth, client safety, and much more. Veraxis and its partners are specialists in comprehensive, rapid-response investigations designed to detect, preempt, and mitigate existing and potential risks associated with those who serve private estates, as well as their owners and families. This ensures all physical assets, other wealth, and the estates’ Principals themselves are better protected from both external and internal risks.

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