Setting Standards
for Due Diligence

Veraxis is a boutique research firm that provides high-end products and white-glove services to an exclusive clientele. It specializes in deep-dive investigations on counterparties, existing and potential employees, executives and director candidates, and various entities. Its primary goal is to better enable private estates, high net worth individuals, Fortune 500s, hedge funds, and additional clients to leverage timely, actionable information in their decisions. Its hallmarks are best-of-breed products, confidentiality, and rapid response.

Using advanced resources and proprietary methodologies, Veraxis develops detailed, qualitative analyses on entities and individuals of interest, including assets, liabilities, public records, reputations, lifestyle, operations, associations, and inherent or potential risks and rewards. It routinely identifies personal and professional character issues, derelictions of duty, conflicts of interest, fraud and misrepresentation, and a broad spectrum of material findings that prove invaluable throughout due diligence, negotiations, transactions, public relations, litigation, private matters, and special situations.

Strategic partnerships bolster Veraxis' coverage and capabilities in domestic and international jurisdictions, enabling it to conduct a greater range of investigations. Clients gain access to the expertise of professionals from relevant industries, agencies, and geographic areas around the globe, consistently ensuring desired outcomes.